Recently I’ve been trying to amp up my accessory game. Whether it be bags, jewelry, hats or hair accessories, I love how a good accessory makes it look like you put more effort into your look than you actually did. Perfect for a lazy girls whose still trying to look cute (aka me). My go-to outfit for work contains jeans, black tee, sneakers and hoops (to make it look like there was some effort put into my look) and now a new accessory from Jord watches.

My new SIER Arcadia watch by Jord is an accessory that has bettered my wardrobe in a super easy way. Jorde has a bunch of really unique, wood watches, but the one I picked is actually cut from white turquoise. I love that it comes with two interchangeables bands- one leather and one metal mesh- so that I can update my look for the cost of only one watch.

When it comes to jewelry I like to add items that are unique, but simple enough that I can wear them every day. My Jord watch is actually the first watch I have ever owned because I was always back and forth on whether I am a watch girl. Watches are a bit more of a statement than I am used to and I never wear bracelets because I find them to be annoying when they move around on my small wrists. But this watch has got me rethinking everything. Jord watches can be sized for the recipient so us little wrist girls don’t have to worry. Also, I love how it is super simple, not clunky and goes with all of my spring and summer outfits. I especially love it as an addition to my everyday work outfits.

Other things I love about this brand is that watches come with a one year warranty and they offer free worldwide shipping.

Interested in getting one for yourself or maybe as a present? Enter here for a chance to win $100 towards a Jord watch of your choosing. That's $100 off of any Jord watch! I’ll announce the one lucky winner on my IG page. ALL participants will receive a 10% off gift code.

Speaking of amping up my accessories: Another spring accessory I have been loving is this new floral scarf pony I am wearing in these pictures. Free People has really cute ones for like $18, but I snagged the one I am wearing in these photos for only $5 at Nordstrom Rack. I am also loving wide-brimmed straw hats, wicker-like bags, satin headbands and colorful hoop earrings.

A big thanks to Jord for sending me this watch!

As I post more and more on my Instagram I have been able to get a clearer understanding of my style. I love looking cute without putting too much effort in and I want to feel comfortable whenever possible. I always find that I have the best time when I not only look good but I feel good too. While the Kim Ks of the world will wear uncomfortable heels and dresses they cannot breathe in because “beauty is pain” I am more about finding a good balance.

Here are some must-haves to maintain what I am labeling it as my “comfortable cute” style and a guide to what items you can pair together this spring so that you can look good while feeling good (aka comfy) too. Because beauty does not have to be pain! Maybe sometimes.. but not most of the time.

Sweats and a tank- while sweats can make you seem a little lazy and slouchy, you can pair them with a basic crop top or tight tank to make you look less baggy and avoid the pajama vibes. I love the sweats from Aerie and buy most of my tanks from Forever or H&M. I own these comfy joggers and they are my absolute faves, plus they are are on sale now for $25.

Jean Jacket- No matter what you are wearing, a good jean jacket can complete a look. I recommend having a few jean jackets in your closet- one tighter, shorter one for when you are going out to a dinner or event and need to keep warm (I really like this short one for only $15 at H&M) and one larger one that is perfect for during the day. I am also on the market for a big ripped one that can be more of a statement piece in my wardrobe so send me ones you like!

Sneakers… many sneakers- Sneakers are very in and I love it! I have weak ankles and flat feet so I need shoes that are actually comfortable and good for my feet, but I don’t want to sacrifice on looking cute. Sneakers are perfect for days I am walking all around, but I like to wear them some nights when I go out, to work, traveling, pretty much everywhere. I love Asics sneakers for when I am active and Nikes for a sporty lounging option. Then I think it’s good to have a few pairs that can be dressed up or down. JSlides and Steven Madden usually have solid options and Zara has some really cute finds. I am also into this whole chunky sneaker trend, but don’t want to spend too much in case it’s over soon so I am going to buy these or these from Nasty Gal (the whole site is 50% off).

Ripped Jeans- I find myself wearing jeans pretty much every day. I love that you can wear them so many (and I mean so many) times before you wash them and they can be dressed up, down and everything in between. I especially love my ripped jeans for the weekends because they are looser and more comfortable than my skinny jeans. They let me look put together with a hint of trendy while still being comfortable. I like getting my trendy jeans from Zara because they are cute, affordable and fit me really well. I also find that BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters last a while and are really comfortable. Ladies!! Your jeans do not need to be super tight, squeeze you and be hard to zipper to look good so definitely get yourself some comfy jeans.

Chambray button-down shirts- Can you tell I am super into jean?! I love long sleeve chambray shirts because like the other items you can easily dress this up by tucking it into high waisted jeans and pairing it with a cute belt and heels or dressing it down and leaving it tucked out with ripped jeans and sneaks. It’s also the kind of item that you can wear often because it’s not a major statement piece. I LOVE items I can wear many times without it being weird.

Hoop earrings- No matter how lame or casual my outfit may be, hoop earrings immediately make my look cuter. Add hoops to any outfit to make it look like you tried more than you did without sacrificing on comfort. I buy most of my earrings from Nordstrom rack because they have a great selection and everything is discounted. I’ve also noticed that Madewell has great options recently.

Sets- Whether it be flowy pants, sweats, shorts or a skirt paired with a top or even a workout set, matching sets are so cute with very minimal effort necessary. For some reason, the fact that the top and bottom are matching takes the outfit up a notch. Whenever I wear a set in the summer or a set to a workout class I always get compliments. Here are just a few cute sets that I am into right now:

Red summer shorts set from Princess Polly ($57)

Tropical Leaf Forever 21 set (top- $25 and pants -$32)

Gold skirt and strapless top set from Zaful ($19.99). I just bought this one today.

Maxi skirt set from Lulu’s ($82). I think I’m too short for this one but love it for a special event like a wedding

I am all about #comfycute looks and finding pieces that I feel good wearing, make me look put together and that are easy to style and wear often.

While I belong to a gym, I’m someone who loves new, fun classes to mix things up so I don’t get bored, keep me accountable and help me continuously grow, learn and try to be #skinny. I joined ClassPass a year and a half ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. For those of you who don’t know what ClassPass is, it’s a subscription that provides access to tons of workout classes via a monthly flat rate. So while some of your favorite trendy classes may be $30 per class (crazy I know!) with ClassPass they are much cheaper.

I’m signed up for a plan that gets me about 27 credits (about 3 classes per month) for $47 per month, so I can do one ClassPass class on average once a week. I get excited to try new classes as well as take classes I already know I enjoy. Also they charge you a $15 cancellation fee if you try to cancel less than 12 hours before, which prevents me from backing out because of laziness.

For those who are currently using ClassPass and looking for new classes or those who are considering the subscription and feel lost on what to choose, here are some of my favorite classes.

Overthrow: There is nothing like beating up a punching bag in a setting that feels just like a boxing club to make you feel like a total badass. The classes get super sweaty but you feel amazing during and after.

Mile High Run Club: I call this the soul cycle of running. There is an instructor guiding you on a range of speeds and the exact incline the entire time. The range of speeds gives you guidance, while also allowing you to customize based on where you are at with running. The class has awesome music and club-like lights that get you hyped and motivated. While the instructors give you direction, you can do what feels best for you- no pressure (something that was a major fear of mine when I first got into running).

Switch: This HIIT workout is really fun and the time flies by when I go here. They call the studio a jungle gym and you will be doing exercises that are sometimes new to you, but effective. You do need a partner, so I like going with a friend so I am not paired up with someone random (that’s my personal preference).

Uplift: This woman's only studio is amazing! The classes are small so the instructors really pay attention to you and make sure that you are doing the exercises right and that you feel comfortable and motivated throughout the class. They really cheer you on which I absolutely love. The classes never feel ultra killer during, but I always wind up sore the day after.

Exceed: This HIIT workout is always super tough but you feel so incredibly accomplished and proud after completing it. At the beginning of my fitness journey this class felt almost scary to me, but now I feel more confident going in and always tired, but strong coming out.

WRKNYC: This is a tiny studio in Murray Hill and not necessarily a household name, but there workouts are killer and so super effective. They only have one room and it’s nothing glamourous, but the instructors know what they are doing and always provide awesome, effective workouts. I also love Body Space Fitness, just west of Union Square. This is also a no frills experience, but the instructors really know what they are doing and I always end of sore and feeling accomplished afterwards. I think my Body Space Fitness is my newest fave!

Other classes I like: Flywheel, Barry’s Bootcamp, New York Pilates,

Hate and love relationship with: Physique 57 and Solidcore

Classes I want to try: SurfSET, Shadowbox, The Monster Cycle

If you do decide to join ClassPass please use my referral code: Let them know I sent you ;)

What are some of your favorite workout classes? Comment letting me know! I’m always looking to build my list.

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