The Bachelor episode 1 recap

Who else watched Monday’s episode of The Bachelor?! Honestly going into this season I wasn’t excited. Typically I am anxiously awaiting each season, but leading up to the first episode I was feeling uninvested and unenthused. Following Monday, my mentality has totally shifted and I am back in it to win it.

I’m going to break this bachelor recap (and the others that will follow) into three sections 1- the ladies 2- Colton 3- My predictions (these are no spoilers, just educated guesses from a seasoned bachelor fan)

So first, the ladies… This is a great group of women! There are some really gorgeous, unique contestants. Here are a few that suck out to me (some in a good way and some not so much)

Cassie Randolph- Super genuine and the kind of girl i’d be down to chill with. She’s going to go far no doubt about it.

Hannah Brown- While I think she will go far and she is made for this show, I don’t feel a real connection to her yet. I am getting total pageant vibes and I am hoping she has more to her. We shall see…

Erika McNutt- Did anybody else notice that she was killing the one liners during the show.

“Whoop whoop that’s the sound of the police.” She is NOT for Colton but I don’t mind her staying around for a little while

Demi Burnett- This chick thinks her shit don’t stink. Colton is into pretty, cool chicks who can chill and laugh with the dudes. AKA not her.

Hannah Godwin- I think Colton didn’t kiss her when they were having their talk because he was so in lust with her that he was too nervous to go for the kiss. I feel like she’s the type of girl who is so gorg but may not know it and if she does know it she makes others around her feel just as pretty.

Caitlin Clemmens- She didn’t get much screen time yet, but I have this gut feeling that she is going to be one of my faves and go super far.

Catherine Agro, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Caelynn Miller-Keyes- I’m calling that they’re going to cause trouble and I am DOWN for it.

Tayshia Adams- Seems super authentic and naturally gorgeous. Look forward to getting to know her more.

Heather Martin- No. Just no.

Now onto Colton… Why does he jump the fence?! I cannot get that scene from the previews out of my head. Knowing that Colton was a chubby child makes me look at him differently (in a good way). I feel like that means he’s looking for way more than just a pretty face and body, but also a nice, cool girl who makes others around her feel good.

I am worried about him though this season. He may just be too nice and innocent for this show and I am concerned that his heart is going to get broken multiple times. I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the very best.

My predictions…

  • Miss Carolina is going to play the innocent, nice girl but I think she is going to rub some of these gals the wrong way and then she won’t understand why they aren’t liking her.

  • The girl with the fake Australian accent is not going to win but she will get deals with Flat Tummy Tea, Fab Fit Fun Box and Hello Fresh after the season airs.

  • Colton will return to the house after jumping the wall.

  • The producers are going to somehow sway/ manipulate Colton to give Heather her first kiss. Bonus prediction: this will be because of a group date activity/ contest

  • Tia and/ or Becca will make a guest appear at some point

  • Demi is going to offend Colton about his virginity at some point

Agree with what I’m saying? Think I am totally wrong? Let me know in the comments.

Now onto week 2! I’ll be posting regular Bachelor recaps on my Instagram stories and blog so be sure to come back for more.

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